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Instructions for the above link;

The FEMA map link is to a user friendly general information flood hazard map. It is a large file and takes some time to load. If you need specific information about the area, go the link below

and type in Rockport, Texas for the location and follow the instructions.

Aransas County Appraisal District has contracted with Pritchard & Abbott Inc. to prepare valuations of all oil and gas leases, telephone, gas and electric utility systems, cable television systems, pipeline systems, railroad companies, and industrial properties designated by the Chief Appraiser.  Under this contract, Prichard & Abbott Inc. also maintains a record of the owners of producing oil and gas leases mentioned above, indicating the particular interest, or interests therein owned, including working interests and royalty interests.  Prichard & Abbott Inc. may be contacted at 6950 Empire Central Drive, Houston, Texas 77040, or by phone at 832-243-9600, or on their web site at